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Playing my Destroyer in my old band AXXIS I've been a huge fan of Ibanez ever since about 1977 when I got into KISS and fell in love with the Iceman model. I couldn't afford the PS-10 Paul Stanley model and my local store didn't carry any of the Iceman models - but over the next few years I bought several Ibanez guitars that I could afford. I had a Firebird (Gibson) copy (paid $150 for that used), a single pickup Blazer ($100 used), and finally in 1983 I bought a brand new Iceman IC-400 model from Sam Ash Music in New York. I had to borrow my dad's credit card to buy it mail order, but it was worth it and cheaper than the local store quoted me.

Playing my DT-155 about 1989.
Playing my DT-155 in AXXIS, around 1989 I'd guess.

I intended to make money selling the Iceman since I knew the local store would not stock any Iceman or Destroyer models. The store thought the locals would not go for those radical shapes and they would sit unsold for too long. But I knew better! I put my newly aquired Iceman in a store on consignment and it sold for $550 within a week. I had only paid about $350 for it from Sam Ash.

Composit photo of me playing my first IC400 and later with the PS10With the wad of cash in hand, I again called Sam Ash and ordered a new DT-400 Destroyer this time. It was as beautiful as the Iceman, both having highly flamed cherryburst finish and deluxe neck inlays. I soon sold the Destroyer too, for about $500 at the same store I had consigned my Iceman. I intended to buy another Iceman and do it again. But for some reason I got Les Paul fever and bought a used "Black Beauty" Custom for $500. Thought is was great...for a while.

My first Destroyer - DT400 in 1981Then I ran across an ad in the Denver Rocky Mountain News that started: Attention Metal Heads! Paul Stanley Iceman for sale.. I called the guy and offered to trade my Les Paul straight across for the Iceman and we met a few days later at a town between our respective home towns and made the trade. Best trade I ever made...

About November, 1999 I renewed my passion for collecting Iceman models. I am still looking for the elusive 1982 IC400 that I wish I'd never sold. But with the help of the Internet and auction site I've upped my collection to double digits. I really love buying over the net and have not been burned or had any auction turn out in a bad way. I highly recommend buying this way, just be sure to ask any question you can think of before you buy! And don't be so picky that any rusty screw will throw you into a fit of anger. If you are trying to buy absolute mint guitars, then make sure there is a return policy!

Here's my collection as of Feb 8, 2000. It will be changing soon as I've decided to focus on my favorite models (set-necks) and sell off the others to help pay for new purchases.
Mark Hartman's Iceman Collection

As of November 2001, here's what's in my collection as of now. I expanded into other guitars besides Icemen, and tried Cort, Dillion, Epiphone, Jay Turser, Fernandes. These lines are great guitars for the money and remind me of what Ibanez was in the 70's. I'm once again selling down my collection getting ready for the next phase of my life...whatever ever that is...

Hartman's guitars November, 2001
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