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Robert Cavuoto  

of New Jersey creates some of the coolest customizations you can get for your Iceman. Be sure to call him at 201-384-1863 or email him at if you are interested in one of these beautiful modifications.

The classic beauty of a broken mirror on top of your Iceman just never goes out of style. Here Robert has recreated the Iceman that blew away millions of KISS fans from the late 70's. This can only be installed on a non-PS model Iceman (must have a flat top) and the new Washburn PS models too. Give that ordinary Iceman a new lease on life for only about $525. Not a hefty price when you see the results! Consider this: the new Washburn Paul Stanley models with the cracked mirror top are selling for over $5000!

Here's a shot of the classic Cracked Mirror or Mirror Ball Iceman replica. Imagine the stage presence you'll have wielding this axe.

Here's 2 photos displaying Rob's skill at converting an Iceman.
He also can do this for the new Washburn PS models.

Even the girls are getting into this beauty!

For more info on any of these, email

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