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Aaron Hancock's Collection

Hey there, here is my picture of my collection. It includes a 77 Ibanez Les Paul Custom Black set neck, 77 Ibanez Les Paul Standard Cherry Wine bolt-on neck with fancy hardware, 78 Ibanez Artist sunburst, 76 or 77 Ibanez Korina V custom refinished dark blue metallic with flames, Early 70's Ibanez RS 42216 aka Al Caiola model natural with flamed top and back, 92 Ibanez RT 450 black, 91 Ibanez RG 570 purple metallic, 89 Epiphone by Gibson Firebird, and last but not least... a 77 Artist accoustic blonde. Great guitars! Thanks! Aaron.

 This Collection Features:

  • 1977 "Les Paul" Custom Black
  • 1977 "Les Paul" Standard Cherry Wine
  • 1978 Artist sunburst
  • 1977 Ibanez Korina V, Custom paint
  • 1973? RS 42216 aka Al Caiola model
  • 1992 RT 450 black
  • 1989 Epiphone Firebird
  • 1977 Artist accoustic blonde
  • Mark Hartman - Ibanez fan for 23 years

    I've been a huge fan of Ibanez ever since about 1977 when I got into KISS and fell in love with the Iceman model. I couldn't afford the PS-10 Paul Stanley model and my local store didn't carry any of the Iceman models - but over the next few years I bought several Ibanez guitars that I could afford. I had a Firebird (Gibson) copy (paid $150 for that used), a single pickup Blazer ($100 used), and finally in 1983 I bought a brand new Iceman IC-400 model from Sam Ash Music in New York. I had to borrow my dad's credit card to buy it mail order, but it was worth it and cheaper than the local store quoted me. Alas, I sold it to make some money not long after I bought it.

    About September, 1999 I renewed my passion for collecting Iceman models. I am still looking for the elusive 1982 IC400 that I wish I'd never sold. But with the help of the Internet and auction site I've upped my collection to double digits. I really enjoy buying over the net and have not been burned or had any auction turn out in a bad way. I highly recommend buying this way, just be sure to ask any question you can think of before you buy! And don't be so picky that any rusty screw will throw you into a fit of anger. If you are trying to buy absolute mint guitars, then make sure there is a return policy!

    Here's my collection as of Feb 8, 2000. It will be changing soon as I've decided to focus on my favorite models (set-necks) and sell off the others to help pay for new purchases.

    Mark Hartman's Ibanez Collection

     This Collection Features:
    Top Row - Left to Right
  • 1982 IC-50 (Blue)
  • 1980 IC-50 (Gray)
  • 198? Antares Iceman Copy
  • 1994 ICB-500 Bass (Japanese set-neck model)
  • 1996 ICB-300 Bass (US model)
  • Bottom Row - Left to Right
  • 1982 DT-400 Destroyer
  • 1996 IC-350 Whammy Bar
  • 1978 IC-210 Triple Coil
  • 1975 Artist 2663
  • 1995 PS-10 II Paul Stanley
  • 1978 PS-10 Paul Stanley
  • 198? Antares Iceman Copy
  • 1982 RR-400 Rocket Roll
  • If you would like to share your collection with the Ibanez fans everywhere, just email and we can discuss the details for inclusion on these pages. Don't be shy - we love to see what you've got!!

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